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Backup Systems

The single most important thing you need for your computer.

Why are backups so important?

Backups are the single most important thing every computer owner should have. Below are six common ways files are lost.

Drive Failure

All hard drives fail eventually, even brand new drives can fail within days due to faults. Once a hard drive fails, it can be difficult to recover any data.


When files are locked by viruses or ransomware, the only way to get your files back is to pay the ransom. These demands vary, but are often around $5,000.


Deleted files are usually recoverable, but drives are often accidentally formatted, making data recovery very difficult & sometimes impossible.

Data Corruption

Problems with operating systems & installed software can cause your files to become corrupted. This can make your files unreadable & in most cases it's not possible to repair the files.

Unreliable Backup

Most backups aren't set up correctly or tested, so when it comes time to restore a backup, the restore fails. Backing up to thumbdrives or similar causes failures as well.

Theft or Destruction

Should a computer or other device be stolen or destroyed by fire, flooding or a simple power surge, any files that exist only on the affected systems are immediately lost.

What files do you have on your computers & phones?

Are those files important to you? Without a backup, your files could be lost at any moment. 

We can set you up with an automated backup system in no time, and if you have a USB hard drive we can use, it’s just $69 by remote. Check the details below & get in touch with any questions.

Now for the good news

Our backup packages give you a flat rate for either Remote or Mobile services… just $69 for Remote or $149 for Mobile, no more to pay.