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Virtual Servers

Virtual Server Specialists.

Virtual Servers allow you to access all your programs and data from anywhere in the world, securely and easily.

We setup, maintain and manage Virtual Servers for businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Servers give you total control.

Using a Virtual Server for your business allows you to have all your software, programs and data in one place, with staff logging into their user account on the server. This gives you the freedom to allow staff to work from anywhere, but it also means you have complete control over access to your business systems and data.  

You no longer need to worry about any individual computer failing, you can log into your server account from any computer and all your programs and files are instantly available.


Data & programs are always available, automatically synced & centrally maintained.


Servers are secured & monitored 24/7, so your vital business data is safe.


Data is automatically backed up, so you don't lose files even if individual computers fail.

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